"God Desires Our Fellowship" 1

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:There is one thing that God desires from His disciples more than anything else. Do you know what that is? Surprisingly it is not all our activities and actions we can do for Him. In fact it is much simpler than that. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he answers this question and demonstrates the answer from John chapter 21. Actually this one thing is what God deeply desires from His followers. When you discover what it is and begin to live it out, it will radically transform your walk with God.

"God Desires Our Fellowship" 2

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Continuation of message, "God Desires Our Fellowship".There is one thing that God desires from His disciples more than anything else. Do you know what that is? Surprisingly it is not all our activities and actions we can do for Him. In fact it is much simpler than that. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he answers this question and demonstrates the answer from John chapter 21. Actually this one thing is what God deeply desires from His followers. When you discover what it is and begin to live it out, it will radically transform your walk with God.

"From Nothing To Abundance"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:There are times that we as Christians try to do things on our own. The results are usually pretty sad. We produce nothing, spiritually speaking . It is at times like that, that we realize that we must have Christ empowering us if we are to bear spiritual fruit in our lives. Today's passage in John Chapter 21 shows us this lesson if we look at it from a spiritual perspective. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains this. The disciples went fishing and caught nothing after fishing all night. It wasn't until Jesus stepped in that things went from nothing to abundance. Pay close attention because in this passage is a powerful lesson on how to produce much spiritual fruit in our walk with Christ.

"Believing Without Seeing"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:It is easy to believe when we can see. That is what happened to the disciples in John chapter 20 when they saw their resurrected Lord. However, there was one disciple who was not there. His name was Thomas, better known as "doubting Thomas." He did not see and wanted evidence before he believed. This whole story is really a powerful lesson on how to live the Christian life. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains this. Can we still believe even when we can't see? This will be the big question to answer as we walk on this journey of faith.

Special Message

Brian Reynolds


Description:Message brought by Brian Reynolds, Head Elder, Community Church of the Rockies, Grand Lake, Colorado.

"When We Just Don't Get It"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:There are times when the truth is right under our noses and we just don't get it. That was certainly the case for Christ's followers after He was resurrected. They didn't get it until Jesus visited them personally. This is in spite of the fact that the grave was empty and that He had taught that these things would happen. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains this topic found in John chapter 20. Praise God that Jesus did rise from the dead and that we can experience the risen Christ personally as well if we will but seek the truth and believe God's Word.

"When Victory Looks Like Defeat"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:As Christians, we know that we are supposed to live the victorious life. However, if we are honest there are times when instead of victory our lives feel more like defeat. That whole feeling can be very discouraging. This must have been what the disciples of Jesus felt after His crucifixion. It was supposed to have been victory but it very much felt like defeat. As we can see from our passage in John chapter 19 God was not done yet and His plan always turns into victory in the end. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains the truth that sometimes victory can look like defeat. Just remember- the resurrection is coming!

"He Holds the Power"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:There are times in life when tough things happen to us. Those things could be loss, or pain, or disease, or a number of other things we would call trials. At those times it is easy to wonder if our God is still in control and if He still holds the power in our lives. These questions are answered from our passage today found in John chapter 19. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains this theme. It is important that we not only understand this issue but that we start to live it out. Does our God always hold the power in our lives? The answer will change the way you live and how you see everything that happens to us whether it is good or bad.

"A Totally Different Kingdom"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:If you study the history of mankind you will see that many kingdoms have come and gone. They all seem to have certain things in common. Such as conquest; death; suffering; bondage; fear; among others, not so pleasant things. However, there is one kingdom that is different than all the rest. In fact this kingdom has nothing in common with man's kingdoms. And that is the kingdom Jesus Christ came to bring. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains this kingdom from John Chapter 18. You will be so thankful to belong to this wonderful kingdom as a follower of Christ. This kingdom will have no end. Praise God this kingdom is not of this world!

"Be Prepared For Opposition"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Opposition can come at a time when you least expect it. It can attack along life's way when you are not ready. The secret is to be prepared. Today's passage in John Chapter 18 is about a man who was totally unprepared when opposition came his way. He was definitely not ready and the consequences were terrible! Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains what happened with this man. Hopefully we will learn today to be prepared when opposition comes our way.

We Can't Stop God's Love"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today we come to some chapters in the book of John which are sad in many ways. They are sad because we see all the suffering Jesus had to go through so we could have forgiveness of our sins. But they are also beautiful because we know that He did all this just for us. What love! Follow along with Pastor Johan as he gets into John Chapter 18 and explains how Jesus gave Himself willingly for us. He knew what was coming and had all the power to stop it but yet He did it anyway. Nothing was gong to stop Him from completing His mission of bringing us back to a relationship with the Father because of His death. May we find a new appreciation from this message of just how much Jesus loves us!

"The Power of Unity"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:What is one of the most powerful forces in this world today? These forces can be used for both good and bad and it is totally life-changing. It can actually change the whole world. You might think of several answers but this one answer just might surprise you. It is the power of unity. It is the very thing that Jesus prayed for us to have in John chapter 17. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains the power of unity and how we can live in its power to impact the world for Christ.

"Marching to a Different Drum"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:We are in the world but not of the world. I am sure you have heard that statement before. But how exactly does that work anyway? Is it complicated? Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains this from Jesus' prayer found in John Chapter 17. We will soon discover that as followers of Jesus we march to a whole different drum than the one the world has to offer us.

"Our Greatest Privilege"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:What would you say would be the greatest privilege you could have here on this earth? The answer will be different for different people. Some would say to get married. Others to have kids and raise kids. Or perhaps join a famous athletic team. For others, maybe to meet the president in person. These would all be great things for sure. But there is one privilege that surpasses them all. It is found in John Chapter 17. Follow along with Pastor Johan as we explore the greatest privilege of all time for us as believers. When you find out what it is, you will want to live it out with all of your heart.

"The Day All Questions Cease"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:We have been asking questions ever since we were kids. "Are we there yet?" How much longer?" And on it goes. And then when we get older we have more questions. Well when Jesus was with His disciples they also had many questions. He said that there would come a day when all questions would cease. In today's passage we will see how Jesus talked about that. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains from John Chapter 16 how we can handle questions for which there seems to be no answer. It will show you a whole new way to live your walk with Jesus our Savior.

Special Message

Brian Reynolds


Description:Brian Reynolds shares the message on Sunday, June 23, 2016 at Community Church of the Rockies in Grand Lake, Colorado while Pastor Johan is away on vacation.

"Fatherhood - Learning from the Best"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:It is Father's Day. A great day to celebrate! Some people were blessed to have a great father. Others maybe not so great, or they had a father who was never really there. We all long for a perfect father. But we know that is not realistic as everybody is a sinner and falls short. So where can we go to find that perfect father that we can imitate our lives to? Well, actually there is such a person. That person is God Himself, the perfect Father. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains how our heavenly Father shows us how to imitate Him so we can be a better father as well.

"We Will See Him Again"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today is a good day to get some encouragement and joy. After all, who doesn't need that right? Well, this is your day because today's passage does exactly that very thing. It is found in John Chapter 16. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains how the Holy Spirit takes God's Word and makes it come alive to one of the most wonderful truths of all time. That truth is that Jesus is going to return and when He does we will have the greatest joy ever experienced. Get ready to be encouraged!

"God's Provision for Victory"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Do you ever feel "beat down"? I mean way more than discouraged? We probably have all gone through times like that. After all, life can throw you some pretty big curve balls sometimes. There are times we do feel defeated. Well, there is good news! Did you know that God wants you to succeed? To have success? To have you not stumble? Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains these things from our passage found in John Chapter 16. You will be filled with encouragement to know that God has provided everything we need for victory!

"Persecution: A Blessing or A Curse?"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:If I said the word "persecution" to you, what would come to your mind? Would you think of it as a blessing or would you feel that it was more of a curse? Your answer would reveal a lot about what you knew what God's Word said about this subject and what Jesus taught about it. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he gets into this subject found in John Chapter 15. What exactly did Jesus teach about this? Could it possibly be a blessing some how? Is persecution something that God can use in your life to reach others for Christ? Hopefully we will get all these answers from today's message.

"Friendship Matters"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Friendships are very important in our lives. By that we mean good friendships of course. It is so important in fact that some people say that we become like the people we most hang around with. Wow, talk about building your future! The importance of this subject is found in today's passage of John Chapter 15. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he gets into this matter of friendships. It could literally change your life!

"Inspirations of a Godly Mother"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today we celebrate a very special day- Mother's Day. So" Happy Mother's Day" to all of you ladies. We are going to be looking into the qualities of what makes a godly mother. Now I realize that not everyone was raised in a godly home with a godly mother. But we all have one thing in common- we all had a mother or we wouldn't be here. So the goal should be to try and be a godly mother even if the example we had may not have been too great. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he talks about the qualities that can make us a godly mother as well. The impact we can have on our families and others could be great!

"Living the Fruitful Life"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:How do you want to feel when you come to the end of your life? Do you want to feel that your life was productive and fruitful? That you lived out your life for the Lord? Would you like to bear just a little fruit or much fruit? Follow along with Pastor Johan as he addresses these questions in John Chapter 15. Hopefully, you will be able to answer these questions in a positive way when you follow what Jesus teaches us in these verses. May your life be one that bears much fruit for His glory!

"Jesus, The Living Word

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:I suppose if you thought about it, that it would be easy to be just a little jealous of the disciples. They got to walk with Jesus and see His miracles plus be able to listen to His amazing teachings. They were right there in person! Wow! Well, before we get too jealous, just remember this -- we have things today that they didn't have. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains the things we have in Christ today. Instead of being jealous, you should feel extremely blessed as His disciple today!

"From Resurrection To Revelation"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:What does Easter have in common with the book of Revelation? Most people would probably say "nothing." However, the answer is "everything" ,especially when you study Revelation chapter 5. It is exciting to see the connection between the two. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains this from our Revelation passage. This is Easter and it is a time to celebrate the resurrected Christ who changed the course of history. This Savior, referred to as the Lamb of God, is worthy of all of our praise. Let's praise Him with a loud voice on this Easter Sunday!

"You Will Never Be Alone"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Have you ever felt all alone? It can even happen while you are surrounded by many people. It is not a very good feeling. Well, there is good news. In today's passage found in John Chapter 14 Jesus shares several reasons why believers and followers of Jesus Christ should never be alone again. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains how you can know without a shadow of a doubt that you will never be alone again!

"Living in Total Peace"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Peace is something that everyone wants in their lives. Yet in this world it is hard to find any peace. Despite the world's turmoil and troubles, Jesus promised a personal peace in the midst of it. In John Chapter 14 Jesus talks to His disciples about three things that can bring peace into our lives. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he shares these three things. Experiencing peace on a daily basis is a wonderful thing. Our hope is that each one can fully live out this peace that only Christ can give.

"This is Amazing Love"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:What would you do , and what would you say if you were faced with the situation that Jesus was faced with? He was with His 12 disciples, whom He loved and whom He thought loved Him. One became a traitor betraying Him to death. Another one would soon deny Him three times. The other ten would scatter leaving Him all alone! What could a person possibly talk about with so many burdens on your mind and heart, including a horrible death and even having the heavenly Father turn His back on Him. What Jesus talked about at this moment is truly amazing! Follow along with Pastor Johan as he gets into this moving message from John Chapter 13. You will be amazed by God's love as well!

"In the Dark and Clueless"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:There are many times in this Christian life as we are following Jesus that we are somewhat clueless and in the dark as to what is going on. If you ever feel that way, just know that you are in good company. In today's passage we see the disciples who appear to be in the dark and clueless as to what is happening. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains this passage found in John Chapter 13. The encouraging thing is that even though we may not know things at times, we follow a Savior who knows everything. It will all be all right and we can trust Him.

"His Love Has No Limits"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:In His final hours before His death, where do you suppose Jesus would spend His time and what would He say? The answer is that He chose to spend it with His disciples. In spite of the terrible agony He was about to face, Jesus gives His followers a very powerful lesson about love. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he shares Jesus' teaching found in John Chapter 13. You will stand amazed at the love of Christ for His followers. A love that truly has no end.

"Exposed by the Light"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:In today's passage we find that it is the last time that Jesus speaks to the people. This ends what some would call His public discourse. The next time He would be before the crowds is before His crucifixion. It does make you wonder what He would say as His last public teaching. You would think it must be rather important. So what does He teach here? Follow along with Pastor Johan as he answers these questions. Christ, as the light of the world is about to expose people's true intentions and what was in their hearts. Different people are about to be exposed by His light.

"Losing Your Life to Find It"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:The teachings of Jesus were often radical and revolutionary. Many times they go against our normal thinking and what we would think would work. However, the truth is that His teachings work way better than ours. In today's passage we find another one of these radical teachings that Jesus taught. Follow along with Pastor Johan as we discuss this topic found in John Chapter 12. Could it be possibly true that we have to lose our life to really find it? Could this be the way to true freedom and bearing much fruit for our Savior? Why don't you come and find out!

Is He Worthy?

Live with Chris Tomlin


Description:This is probably one of the most beautiful and powerful worship songs we have ever heard! Enter into your quiet place, the Holy of Holies, and let it minister to your heart!

"Now is the Time to Worship"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Have you ever asked yourself this question, "I wonder what God asks of me more than anything else?" Would you know the answer to this question?In John, Chapter 12, we find the answer. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he talks about the answer to this most important question. It is illustrated by someone who did something beautiful for Jesus! The answer may surprise you and it may be simpler than you ever imagined.

"It's A Heart Issue"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:We live in a world of contrasts today. God is doing some amazing things all around the world. Yet, at the same time, we see many people who seem to be suffering from "hardened hearts!" It sure makes you think of today's passage found in John Chapter 11. Not much has changed over the centuries. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he gets into the subject of how our hearts are before God. Let's make sure that our hearts as believers are pleasing to the Lord.

"Being and Making Kingdom Multipliers"

Anthony Testa


Description:Anthony Testa and his wife Nicole and four children have been ministering in Italy with Reliant Missions. They are in the process of relocating to London later this summer. Please keep the Testas in your prayers as they begin a new phase of their ministry.

"Even Death Must Obey Him"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Most people who believe in Jesus Christ believe He has a lot of power. However, do we really understand just how much power He has? In today's passage in John Chapter 11 we see that He even has power over death itself. Follow along with Pastor Johan as we look at the most amazing miracle Jesus has performed yet. It happened when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. How wonderful that our Savior has even overcome this great enemy of ours-death itself. This is the power of this wonderful Savior we follow and love!

"Trying to Understand God's Timing"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today's topic is a tough one. It is one that many Christians struggle with. It's the topic of God's timing. We often ask why God doesn't do something quick enough or why now?. His timing does not appear to be our timing and so we have many questions. Follow along with Pastor Johan as study this subject found in John Chapter 11. Let's get some good understanding about God and His timing. When we are able to comprehend, this it will bring a lot of peace and comfort into our lives.

"Totally Secure in Christ"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:There are some truths in the Bible that can truly have a huge impact in our lives. We have to first understand that particular truth and then we have to let it "sink in". It has to go beyond head knowledge to where it gets into our hearts and we begin to live it out. Today we cover one of those life- changing truths. Follow along with Pastor Johan as we return to our Book of John series in Chapter 10. Pay close attention to this truth that we are going to be talking about. Let it sink deep into your very being and let it impact your life. The results will bring peace, confidence, boldness, among many other things. Yes, God's Word is powerful!

"A Bold New Start"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Happy New Year everyone! It is time for a bold new start as we begin a new year. And no, I am not talking about New Year's resolutions. This is something much deeper, longer lasting, and life changing than that. We are going to be challenged by a man named Benaiah. You have probably never heard of him before. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he talks about this man who was not afraid to tackle his fears and who was greatly used by God in his life. I believe God wants to do the same for you today. Take the challenge and run with it! (The video that was played at the end of this message is below - "Do It Again")

"Do It Again"

Steven Furtick


Description:This is a powerful video! This was shared following the previous message "A Bold New Start". It's about 5 minutes in length and worth every minute! Let it speak to your heart!

"God With Us Brings Peace"

Brian Reynolds


Description:Week 4 in our Christmas Series - God With Us

"God With Us Brings Joy"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Jesus Christ came to earth to become Immanuel which means God with us. When He came, he brought us the gifts of hope, love, joy, and peace. Today we enter the third week of our Christmas series. The first and second week we covered hope and love. Today the topic is joy. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains how joy came into the life of Elizabeth and Zachariah after a life time of disappointments. God knows how to restore our joy to fill our hearts and to overflow out to others. He will do the same for you today.

"God With Us Brings Love"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. We celebrate because God's love sent His Son to live among us and to die for us so we could have life. It was the greatest demonstration of what God's love was like. Before Christ's birth, there was a beautiful love story between Mary and Joseph. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he gets into this second message of our Christmas series. This love story also faced a major crises. Would God come through to meet the needs of this couple? Will He do the same for us when we face a crisis today? The answer will truly fill your heart with joy.

"God With Us Brings Hope"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:God is a God of hope. He has always brought hope to His people over the centuries. He did it for Adam and Eve, Abraham and Jacob, through the prophets, and until the time that the long promised Messiah came to this earth. But what about today? Does He still bring hope to us in our lives that are often faced with difficulties and pain? Follow along with Pastor Johan as He follows God's plan of hope throughout the ages and how He still brings hope to our hearts today. You will be filled with hope during this special season.

"Jesus the Good Shepherd"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:In the Bible, the followers of Jesus are sometimes referred to as sheep. That is not a bad thing because we have such a wonderful shepherd. He is our Good Shepherd. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he talks about this wonderful shepherd in John Chapter 10. You will soon discover that there is no other shepherd that loves us as much as this shepherd does. You will find it a joy to follow Him.

"A Fresh Look At Thanksgiving"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:This week we look forward to having a very special holiday. It is called Thanksgiving Day. What is interesting is that Thanksgiving is only celebrated by three countries- Canada, the Philippines, and us. What a shame for something that important! The early settlers started this tradition and then President Abraham Lincoln made it a formal holiday. Follow along with Pastor Johan as we study Psalm 100 and the wonderful things it has to say about being thankful. Let's do more than celebrate a holiday, let's make Thanksgiving a thing we do daily as a lifestyle.

"Don't Complicate Things"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:I don't know why, but it seems that people like to complicate things. Maybe it is just human nature. I know I have been guilty of it. Today we learn from a man who knew how to keep things simple. Follow along with Pastor Johan as we look at this man found in John Chapter 9. Hopefully, like me, you will fall in love with this man and how he handled things. We have so much to learn from him.

"Understanding Persecution Today"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today is a very special day. It is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. We will be joining thousands of other churches as we remember our persecuted brothers and sister in Christ who are being persecuted for their faith in Christ around the world. This is not just a nice idea but it is actually a command found in the Bible. Follow along with Pastor Johan as his message is about understanding persecution today from the book of First Peter, Chapter Five. May we be faithful to not only remember them today, but to also remember them throughout the whole year