"When the Light Comes On"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:There is an old expression about people having an "AHA" moment. You might say that this is the moment that the lights come on. In today's passage there is a story about a man that had a moment like that. In fact, he was a very powerful person but yet needed that moment. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he shares about this person's experience and how it relates to you as well. When the lights come on is when everything changes for the rest of your life.

"Do You Know Who You Really Are?"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:It takes some people a lifetime to figure out who they really are. Some of them never do figure it out. It shouldn't be that complicated! God wants us to know. In today's passage we read about a man who had such a clear understanding of who he was and what his purpose was. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he studies this man's life. There will be some definite principles learned from this man so any believer can also figure out who they really are. Knowing this will take your Christian walk to a whole new level.

"Can A Person Really Know God?"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today we answer the age old question asked for centuries, "Can a person really know God?" Some people think you can, some people think you can't. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he shows you three ways in today's passage that you can really know God. "Can A Person Really Know God?" The answer is a resounding YES!

In the Beginning Was the Word

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today we start a brand new series in the Gospel of John. This book is a powerful book that contains a lot of the claims that Christ made for Himself. It is the one book recommended for people to read if they want to see who Christ said He was. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he starts with what he considers a most important chapter in the Bible. You will see how truly unique Jesus Christ really is. There is certainly no other one like Him!

Eagles' Nest Wilderness Ranch

Marcia House, Founder


Description:God has a dream and vision for Grand Lake and Grand County in Colorado that is much bigger than ourselves! His vision and dream is to be brought about through the ministry of Eagles' Nest Wilderness Ranch. Please be praying as you view this video as to how God might have you be a part of this ministry.NOTE: Listen to the previous audio to learn more!

Sharing the Vision for ENWR Marcia House/Pastor Johan Knies

Marcia House/Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today we have the special privilege of hearing about a vision that is much bigger than ourselves. God put a vision and dream in the mind and heart of one of His faithful servants, Marcia House. Marcia is a part of Community Church of the Rockies’ family and is here to share the vision God has given her regarding Eagles’ Nest Wilderness Ranch. As you listen, please be praying as to how God might want to use you in fulfilling this dream and huge need in our community and in Grand County. God is still a God of miracles! NOTE: Listen to the next video to learn more!

"Only One Thing To Boast About"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today is our final message in our series on Galatians. What a wonderful little book it has been! So many great topics. Today's passage contains another great topic as well. If you were to boast about anything right now what would it be? Your family? Your kids? Your job? It is going to be different things for different people. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he reveals to us the only thing that is really worth boasting about -- the one thing that matters most.

"The Ultimate Investment Plan"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:God has put in place some very powerful laws in the physical universe that He created. But did you know that there are some spiritual laws that He created that are just as powerful? Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains these things and how you can benefit from them. You could be a part of a wonderful cycle of blessings that will come into your life. Knowing these laws and applying them could be the best investment that you will ever make!

"Am I My Brother's Keeper?"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today we are returning to our series on Galatians. We are down to the last chapter of this wonderful little book. There have been many great topics so far but today's topic is both important and necessary. We will answer the question that Cain asked so long ago-- "Am I my brother's keeper?" How would you answer that? Follow along with Pastor Johan as he addresses this most important question and shows us a life changing ministry that we should all be involved in.

Your Story Isn't Over Yet

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Here we are at the beginning of a new year. How did that time fly? Now we all know what people do at the beginning of a new year right? You got it- new year's resolutions. Well, this morning we are going to approach things differently. Instead of focusing on ourselves and the promises we may or may not keep, we are going to focus on God. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he takes you through some wonderful verses that contain some encouraging promises for us today. I think that you will find this approach to a new year much more meaningful and encouraging than the normal new year's resolutions approach.

The Star: A Journey to Christmas

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today our journey of following the star comes to an end. It has been a wonderful journey and has led us to some beautiful gifts such as hope, love, joy, and peace. But today our journey leads to our final destination and that is Christ Himself. Without Him all those gifts would not have been possible. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he shares about the greatest story ever told. As much as we love a good story, this one is the ultimate one and the one that changed the world and will change us forever.

The Star: A Journey of Peace

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today we come to the last Sunday of our Advent journey. It has been a wonderful journey as we have followed the star. That star for us is Jesus Christ, our light. We have discovered some wonderful truths such as hope, love, joy, and today peace. Now there is an illusive word for you- peace. It seems to be so hard to find. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explores this topic and shows us how we can find peace in this very troubled world. May the Prince of Peace bring you His peace this Christmas season.

The Star: Journey of Joy

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:We have been on a wonderful journey this Advent season. Like the wise men who followed the star, so we are following Christ who is our light. The journey thus far has led us to a wonderful hope, and an amazing love that just gets deeper and deeper. Today our journey leads us to joy. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explores this great topic of joy. Sometimes joy is hard to find as we get overwhelmed with the problems of this world as well as our own personal struggles. Hopefully this message will once again fill your hearts with the joy of the Lord.

The Star: Journey of Love

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today we continue our journey towards Christmas. We are following the star which, for us, is Christ. His light led us to hope last week. This week our topic on this journey is love. Now that is an exciting and deep subject! God's love is unlike anything we have ever known before. It will take a life time to understand it in a small degree. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explores this most amazing subject. May we get a greater understanding of God's incredible love as we celebrate this Christmas season.

The Star: Journey of Hope

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today we begin our Christmas series or Advent series as some prefer to call it. It seems like every year this series becomes more important. Wh? I believe it is because life gets so crazy busy this time of the year that it is easy to lose our focus. There are Christmas parties, and shopping, and financial stress, and missing those who used to be with us, among other things. Next thing you know Christmas has come and gone and we barely celebrated the true meaning of Christmas -- Christ's coming to this earth as the Messiah, our Savior. Follow along with Pastor Johan as we begin this journey together. Today's journey is about hope. Following the light in a dark world. May this be your best Christmas season ever!

"God's Remedy Against Grumbling"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:People love to compare themselves to others in the world we live in. And if you are not guilty of doing that, then for sure somebody is comparing you to somebody else. It is hard to escape, that is for sure! In today's passage Jesus shares a story where we can definitely see the comparing between different groups. What does comparing lead to? Grumpiness. So what is the remedy against grumbling?Follow along with Pastor Johan as he shares the answer from Matthew chapter 20.

"What Gear Are You In?"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:When we received Christ, we were given a brand new nature. Before that, we only knew the old sinful nature called the flesh. We could only shift into the one gear, so to speak, and that was the gear of the old nature. But with Christ, we now have a choice about which gear we want to be in. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains this whole concept from Galatians chapter 5. This chapter even comes with a bonus. A handy dandy check list so we can see which gear we are in -- the old nature of the flesh or the new nature of the Spirit.

"The Rewards of Persecution"

Voice of the Martyrs


Description:Today's message was to be dedicated to the persecuted church around the world. We wanted to remember them and uphold them in prayer. However, our power went out before the service and did not return until the end of services. No matter! We are presenting instead an inspiring video from the Voice of the Martyrs. Perhaps you will come away with a whole new perspective of how God uses persecution for His purposes!

"The Stumbling Block of the Cross"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:The Bible talks about the cross of Christ as being a stumbling block. Why is that? Follow along with Pastor Johan as he continues the study in Galatians, Chapter 5.

"People of Promise or Bondage"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:I love reading the stories in the Old Testament. They are not only interesting, but God put them there for a reason. We can learn from them and apply the lessons to our lives. In Galatians, Chapter 4, this is exactly what Paul is doing. He goes back to the example of Sarah and Hagar, and Ishmael and Isaac, to teach His lessons to the believers at Galatia. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he gets into this story and how it also applies to our lives today as believers. God has a life of freedom waiting for us!

"Speaking The Truth In Love"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:There is one really good thing about preaching through a particular book of the Bible. It forces you to speak on topics that you may not necessarily want to speak on. Maybe it is a tough topic that you would just as soon avoid. On the other hand, it may be the very topic that God wants His people to hear about. Today's message is like that. To speak the truth in love is not easy and is not always well received. Yet it is so necessary. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he takes you through this passage found in Galatians, Chapter Four. Perhaps God will use this message in your life to be the one who can touch many lives for Christ.

"Getting The Total Picture"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Many Christians don't always get the full picture of what God has done for them. Because of this, they don't live out their Christian life to the fullest. You might say that they are cheating themselves. It is time we received the total picture. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains these truths from Galatians, Chapter 4. A more exciting and full Christian life is waiting for you!

"The Path of Least Resistance"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Have you ever been to the ocean and watched the different wind sports in which people participate? There is wind surfing, hang gliding, and the good old kite flying. You will notice that all these sports have something in common. They all work with the wind, and let the wind work in their favor. There is a big similarity here with living out the Christian life. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains this and shares with you how you can let the Holy Spirit, like the wind, empower and guide your life as well.

"Kingdom Living 101"

David Lockwood


Description:Today, Pastor Johan Knies and his wife, Katie, are on vacation. Our guest speaker today is Worship Leader of CCR, David Lockwood. Pastor Johan will return very soon with some new messages.

"How to Deal with Changes in Life"

David Lockwood


Description:Today, Pastor Johan Knies and his wife, Katie, are on vacation. Our guest speaker today is Worship Leader of CCR, David Lockwood. Pastor Johan will return very soon with some new messages.

"Prisoners Set Free"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Have you ever felt like you were a prisoner? No, not necessarily one behind literal bars, but more like a prisoner trapped by your own sin. Actually, this is how the Bible describes our lives before we came to know Christ. Jesus did something for us that the law could never do! Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains the purpose of the law and what it was supposed to do. Instead of feeling like a prisoner, you will see that God has a wonderful life of freedom ahead of you that is found by faith in Christ. You can be a prisoner set free!

"Our Covenant God"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:A lot of Christians today end up trying to perform for God as if they needed to get his approval in their lives. In today's passage, we discover that we are already accepted in Christ, and that it is not performance, but rather belief or faith in God and His promises. Abraham was a fine example of how this works in the covenant that God made with him. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains how God's covenant with Abraham applies to us today. There are amazing similarities.

"A Faith Like Abraham"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Do you have examples in your life that you look up to? Perhaps it is a relative; or a friend; or a Bible character. There is probably no greater example to follow in the Bible than this man named Abraham. He simply believed God and His promises. That is easier said than done, right? Follow along with Pastor Johan as he continues our Galatians study in Chapter Three. He will show you how to live this life by faith rather than by keeping rules and regulations.

"Accepted In Christ"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:There are many complicated, theological words in the Bible, such as redemption, sanctification, and predestination, etc. We don't often use them because we don't understand them. However, sometimes it pays to go into the meaning of one of these words to discover some beautiful truths. Today, we are going to find out more about the meaning of the word justified or justification. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains the meaning from the book of Galatians, Chapter Two. You too will discover some beautiful truths.Please note that there are no Sermon Notes this week!

"Rising Above Hypocrisy"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:It can happen to the best of us. Even a mighty person such as Peter can mess up. In today's passage, we see Peter falling into the sin of hypocrisy. Not a pretty picture! Follow along with Pastor Johan as we see how Peter fell into this trap and how we can avoid it in our lives.

"Free To Be You"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:God has a unique ministry for each one of us. That is an exciting concept. We know that we are all supposed to try and bring people to Christ and make disciples, but how we go about that could be quite different for each of us. In Galatians, Chapter 2, we see that Paul was chosen by God for a unique ministry. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he follows this wonderful theme that we are free to be ourselves, according to what God has called us to do.

"With the Gospel Comes Freedom"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Freedom is a wonderful thing to have and to experience. Of course, we are talking about freedom as a country. However, there is another freedom that is just as wonderful. That is the freedom we have in Christ. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he gets into this freedom found in Galatians, Chapter 2. We cannot let others rob us of this freedom, and we have to keep ourselves from slipping into legalism. This can happen so subtly and can sneak right in. We need to constantly guard ourselves so that we don't slip back into the very bondage from which Jesus Christ freed us!

"Building A Good Reputation"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Having a good reputation should be the goal of every Christian. However, people forget that it takes time to build one. In our study, it took years for Saul who became Paul to build a good reputation. But if we stay consistent and persistent, it will come around eventually. Follow along with Pastor Johan as we continue our study in Galatians and discover what is involved in building a good reputation. This should become one of our most important goals in life.

"The Power of Your Story"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Do you have a powerful story or testimony of what Christ has done in your life? You may not know it yet, but everybody has a powerful story. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains how that works; and how God took a certain man, who was probably voted the most unlikely individual to ever come to Christ, and turned that man's life around. Exciting stuff for sure!

"The Need for Tough Love"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:It seems like sometimes Christians can so easily be led astray by false teachers or false teachings. What makes it hard is that sometimes these false teachings come from people who we would call "nice people." What is needed is some tough love to be able to stay true to the Lord and His teachings. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains that fine line between loving other people and still being able to have tough love to reject both the false teachings and the false teachers. In the end, pleasing God is really all that matters!

"The Gospel is Everything"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today we start a new series in the Book of Galatians. At first this book seems kind of hard to understand with all of the talk about the law. However, upon further study we see that this little book is actually quite relevant. Today's subject is the gospel. Who is the gospel for exactly, and how do we live it out today? Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains the answers to these questions. You will see that the gospel is unique, powerful, and revolutionary!

"Traveling Lightly"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Wow, it sure is easy to get caught up in this life and to think that this is all there is! We all get busy working, paying bills, and just simply getting overwhelmed. When we do, we forget that everything on this earth is temporal and won't last. We need to get our focus back upon the things that last and are eternal. We need to be, "Traveling Lightly." Follow along with Pastor Johan as he shares this message and some insights in how we can get our focus back on the things that matter most.

"Leaving A Godly Legacy"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today we get to celebrate another great event. It is Father's Day. Have a wonderful Father's Day everyone! Would you be surprised to find out that there is a wonderful Father's Day message found in Psalms 78? You wouldn't normally go there for this kind of a message. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he speaks on Leaving a Godly Legacy and the qualities you need to make that happen. A Godly legacy is the most important thing we as men can leave behind!

"The Rock Won't Move"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Do you enjoy a good celebration? Well, today the message is about celebrating God's faithfulness to Community Church of the Rockies for the last 5 years. God has been so faithful, and He gets all the glory! We are "rock solid,” both individually and as a church because we are on the Rock. The Rock is Jesus Christ, and the Rock won't move. Followalong with Pastor Johan as we focus on God's faithfulness in our lives, and the truth that we are unshakeable, because we are on the Rock, and the Rock won't move!

"Psalm 91 - Divine Protection"

David Lockwood


Description:Today's sermon is presented by Worship Leader David Lockwood. Pastor Johan Knies is on vacation, but he will return next week to the pulpit of Community Church of the Rockies. Tune in next week, too!!

"Rising Above Mediocre"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Even at a much younger age, being just average or mediocre never had much of an appeal to me. I hope you feel the same, especially when it comes to following Christ. I believe that God wants us to rise above the mediocre and let Him use us in a powerful way for Him. To do that we will need several qualities that great men and women of God have always had. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains these four qualities that were displayed by great people in the Bible. Let's leave mediocre behind!

"Clueless in the Kingdom"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Have you ever heard the expression, "They are clueless!" or, "They haven't got a clue!" Well, there was an incident in the Bible where these sayings could very well have been used. Some people around Jesus were definitely clueless. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he gets into this passage and explains who the people were and why they were so clueless about what God was up to. There are some great applications in today's message for us so we won't be clueless in the kingdom.

"The Man with Two Mothers"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Mother's Day is always a day in which we celebrate. Regardless of how your mother was in your life, we can all be thankful for our moms. But what if you had two moms in your life? There was a man like that in the Bible. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he talks about that man. We will look at some similarities between these two mothers. But we will also look at one major difference. That difference changed this man forever!

"A Message from the Book of Job"

Jesse McClain


Description:Today's Sermon is presented by Guest Speaker, Jesse McClain. He offers us a message from the Book of Job. Pastor Johan will be back next week.

"Prayer of Jabez - Part 8"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today we come to the end of our series on the prayer of Jabez. The final phrase is truly amazing in that God says He granted all of Jabez' requests. Wow! How would you like to have a prayer life in which all of your prayers get answered? Actually, you can, as unbelievable as it sounds. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he talks about having a powerful prayer life. There are some serious issues to consider to make this possible. Pastor Johan's ultimate hope is that you do something with this series. Make the prayer of Jabez your prayer for the rest of your life. It will truly be revolutionary!

"Prayer of Jabez - Part 7"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:We are back with our series on the Prayer of Jabez after a couple of weeks off for Palm Sunday and Easter. We are close to the end of this series. It has been truly life changing. Every phrase in this prayer is so loaded with meaning, and so is our phrase for today--that we would not cause pain. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains this phrase. Can we cause pain, even as Christians? We will answer that and the question of how we can do the opposite. God keep me from causing pain!

"The Hope of Easter"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:I believe that Easter is the greatest event in human history. That is why we celebrate! His resurrection brought hope to mankind. That hope is not only for the present, but also for the future to come. As Christians, we are certainly people of hope. Follow along with PastorJohan as he explains how Christ's resurrection brings about this hope. When you let it all sink in, you will celebrate with us as well! Jesus is alive and He is risen from the dead! Praise God for His unspeakable love!

"A Different Kind of King"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:This Sunday, we celebrate Palm Sunday. It was the day of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem riding on a donkey. For many Jews, how it all turned out was not what had been their expectations. They had so missed the purpose of Christ's first coming. Yet still today, many people miss Christ's real purpose in their lives because like the earlier Jewish folks, they too had the wrong expectations of what Jesus was supposed to do. What if we all change our thinking about this and follow what Jesus intends to do in our lives? Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains this subject. Perhaps we will end up following our King with a whole new purpose.

"Prayer of Jabez - Part 6"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:If you have stayed with us so far in the Prayer of Jabez series, you will have discovered that there is a definite sequence going on. One thing logically follows another thing. Asking God to bless you a lot leads to good things happening in your life. Asking Him to expand your territory to have a greater impact for Him leads to many new opportunities. Some will scare you and take you out of your comfort zone. So, then you ask God's hand to be with you because you can't do this alone. So, what is the next logical sequence you would pray about? Follow along with Pastor Johan as he gets into the next phrase of this prayer. Understanding this one will also change the way you pray from now on.

"Prayer of Jabez - Part 5"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Many Christians, and even mature Christians, don't see God's hand move in a powerful way in their lives. Why is that? Could it be because they are not asking God for big things? When we ask God to bless us a lot and for Him to expand our territory so we can touch more lives for Christ, we can find ourselves in a real predicament -- a feeling that we can't do this alone. That is exactly where God wants us to be. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he gets into this aspect of the prayer of Jabez. We want God's hand to be with us so He can move through us with His power.