"Thank God for the Cross"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:When preaching through a series such as the book of John we are not normally looking for new truth. Most of the truth is already known. We are hopefully looking for a new way to present that truth. Perhaps a new angle or a new way of looking at it. Sometimes though neither one of these things apply. There are times God just wants us to get a fresh look and a new appreciation for an old truth. This appears to be the situation for today's passage. Follow along with Pastor Johan as we explore anew the beauty of the gospel. The incredibly, wonderful story of God's love in sending Jesus Christ to die for our sins so we can truly live. There has never been a more amazing story than this!

"The Power of a Double Witness"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Have you ever heard of a double witness? Not only does the Bible talk about it, but it is a very powerful thing. Jesus said that He bore witness of Himself but then He also said that the Father bore witness of Him. How exactly does that work? Furthermore, the Bible tells us that we have a double witness as well for our lives as believers. Interested in this whole concept? Then follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains how this all works and what effect it can have on our lives as believers.

"When Grace and Truth Meet"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:We all know that the law in the Old Testament came through Moses, but Jesus brought a new way of grace and truth. What would it look like if grace and truth came together? Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains this in John, Chapter 8. It is a familiar story that most people know about today. Hopefully we will see it presented in a whole new light. We will get a glimpse into just how beautiful our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is. Once you get a good look at Him in all His beauty, you will never be the same again.

"Amazing Grace"

Brian Reynolds


Description:Brian Reynolds is the Chairman of the Elder Board for Community Church of the Rockies.

"Jesus, the Living Water"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Water is an absolute necessity to life on this planet. And if you ever run out of it, you have a crisis on your hands. But did you know that there is even another greater crisis on this earth among people? It is a spiritual crisis. People are thirsty and need the living water that only Christ can give. Follow along with Pastor Johan and lets study this subject found in Chapter Seven of the Book of John. You will find some of the most powerful words any man has ever spoken. There is a way for us to never be thirsty again.

"When Heaven Came Down"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:In John chapter seven we read about an argument that the people are having about where Jesus was from. They were all concerned about a physical location. However, Jesus had a total different message and an answer about where He was from. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he gets into this discussion. The answer about where Jesus was really from will change your life and the implications have eternal consequences.

"The Clash of Opinions"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:There were many opinions about who Jesus was when He walked the earth. It appears that not much has changed. Today, there are still so many opinions about Him. Which ones are true and which ones are false? Is there a way to know for sure? Follow along with Pastor Johan as he answers these questions from John Chapter Seven. Hopefully it will help you make a very clear opinion about who Jesus is in your life and to make sure that your opinion is right!

"When the Teaching Gets Hard"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:I have met a good number of people in my life who once followed Christ but don't follow Him anymore. I always wonder what happened to them that made them come to that point? Quite frankly it is puzzling to me! Today we come to a passage in John Chapter 6 where we see that many people quit following Jesus. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he gets into the reasons why this happened. We will also see that the 12 stayed with Jesus and were definitely not going to quit. What did they know that made the difference? Well, today we will find out.

"Never Be Hungry Again"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Food is a wonderful thing. Have you ever noticed how many things we do that involve food? We have church potlucks, family get-togethers, inviting friends and neighbors, eating out, and the list goes on. The Bible even talks about the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. These are all wonderful things. There is only one problem, however. The next day we need more. It doesn't last. What if there was a food, a living bread that was available in which you would never hunger again. Actually there is . Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains about this in Chapter Six of the Book of John . This just might be the greatest treasure of all time!

"When Jesus is in the Boat With You"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:There is an old expression that says "when it rains it pours!". That can sure be true in life as well. When trials and tough times comes sometimes they seem to come in a series, or one after another. You end up saying, "what else can go wrong?' Isn't it wonderful to know at times like that , that Jesus is with you always. When Jesus is in the boat (in your life) with you everything changes. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains this theme taken from John Chapter Six. Jesus will never leave you and He will get you to your destination.

"God...The Great Multiplier"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Ready for some treasure hunting today? We will be looking for those great "gems" that God reveals in His Word. I love it when He reveals those nuggets of truths to us. There are some great ones in today's message. They are ones that reveal to us who Jesus really is. He is a wonderful Savior. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he continues his series in the book of John Chapter Six. Let's go find some "treasures" together.

"A Father's Heart"

Tim Little


Description:Father's Day message from Tim Little.

"Who He Really Is"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:The Book of John is a very important book for Christians to know. One of the reasons it is so important is that it is very clear about the claims that Jesus Christ made about Himself. Are you familiar with these claims? Follow along with Pastor Johan as we look at the passage in John Chapter 5 about knowing who He really is. We will discover that Jesus' claims are totally unique and life changing.

"The Miracle at the Pool"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:I love to look for "gems" as I study God's Word. Gems are like hidden treasures and the Bible is full of them. I always ask God to help me find them as I prepare my messages. And you know what- He never lets me down! Follow along with Pastor Johan as he gets into another wonderful story found in John chapter 5. Let's see what wonderful "gems" He shows us today.

"Believing Before Seeing"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:I love to watch the cycles that you can observe in God's creation. The long winter turning to spring, and then summer. Warm days! Fresh leaves sprouting. Pelicans returning and humming birds. Elk and moose and deer. People go through cycles as well. Many are negative. Today we want to get into a positive cycle. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he gets into the story of the royal official in John Chapter 4. There is a definite positive cycle to be learned here. Let's follow this man's example and live in victory.

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today is a very special day that we celebrate every year. It is Mother's Day. Even though we know that not every woman can be a mother we have all had mothers to be able to be on this earth. Today we want to take a look at four very Godly mothers who had a great influence and a wonderful legacy. Follow along with Pastor Johan as we make a quick study of these four wonderful ladies. What made them so powerful? What gave them such great influence? The answers to these questions will hopefully be things that you will be able to apply to your own life.

"God's Desire for True Worshippers"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Have you ever wondered what God is really after? What exactly is He looking for? Well today we get to answer that question. It is found in a conversation Jesus had with a most unusual woman. One who you would not expect would be the one to whom the answer to our question would be revealed. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he gets into this passage in John, Chapter 4. When we are done, you and I will know exactly what God is after and what is important to Him.

"God Can Use Anybody"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:I love to read in the Scriptures how God operates! It is so different from how we would do things. Today's passage is a prime example of that. In John Chapter 4 Jesus meets a woman who is a very unlikely candidate to do much good in the town she is from. But that is not how Jesus sees things. Follow along with Pastor Johan as we study this most intriguing passage. Perhaps we will start looking at people different as well.

"Such A Beautiful Attitude"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:They say that attitude is everything. I sure believe that is true in many ways. Speaking of attitude... there was a man in the Bible who had a fantastic attitude. His name was John the Baptist. How did he get such a wonderful attitude? Follow along with Pastor Johan as he looks at several reasons for John's beautiful attitude. Upon applying these truths, we, too, can have the same amazing attitude as this man.

"God's Amazing Love"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:What if I were to ask you, "What is the best known and the most quoted verse in the Bible," what would you say? You would probably say, "John 3:16." It is a verse everybody knows. However, in that verse and in the passage we are in, there is a lot to think about when it comes to God's love. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains some beautiful truths in John 3 about God's love. We will once again be amazed at God's wonderful love for us.

"Stay Thirsty"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Being thirsty for God is such an important thing. It is what brings us to Christ in the first place and it is what keeps us growing. There was a man in the Bible who had a lot of head knowledge but did not know God. But the one thing he had is that he appeared to be thirsty. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains this story found in John chapter 3. You will want to pay close attention because the answers Jesus shares with Nicodemus we could all use when we are explaining how to know Christ with others.

"Do You Believe This?"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today is a day that we celebrate. We celebrate the greatest event in the history of mankind when Jesus Christ rose from the dead never to die again. No one has ever done this before and no one will ever do it again. Before Jesus rose from the grave there was another resurrection. Follow along with Pastor Johan as we study this amazing event in the eleventh chapter of John. You might say it was a prelude of things to come! So join us in our excitement as we celebrate our resurrected Lord!

"A Day of Contrasts"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:What we call Palm Sunday is a day of contrasts. What was supposed to be such a happy day soon turned into a very sad event with the crucifixion of Jesus. His triumphant entry seemed anything but that! What most people don't know is that on the same day there was another procession by Pilate into Jerusalem as well. Today Pastor Johan explores the differences between these two processions. The contrasts are quite amazing. People had to choose between the two. It is no different today. We are still choosing between two different kingdoms. Which one will you choose?

"A Time for Righteous Anger"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today's topic is a very timely one. Have you noticed in the last few years just how much anger there is in our country? It used to be that a person could discuss differences with other people and be open to their ideas even if they disagreed. These days those kind of discussions often quickly turned into a lot of anger and name calling. Is there such as thing as a righteous anger? Follow along with Pastor Johan as today's passage gets into that very subject. Hopefully you will be able to answer the question about there being a place for righteous anger.

"Saving the Best for Last"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today's passage is an exciting one. That is because it tells us about the first miracle that Jesus did in the Book of John. But there is a whole lot more going on here than just an amazing miracle. We learn some beautiful truths about Jesus Himself. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains these truths. You will be amazed not only about His first miracle but about how wonderful this Savior is whom we serve.

"And So It Begins"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Studying God's Word could be compared to mining for gems. It is so special when you come upon some really wonderful truths which are like "finding gems". Today's passage is filled with gems. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he shares some of these truths. What Jesus said to some of His very first disciples, He is still saying to us today. Let's go find some gems together.

"When the Light Comes On"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:There is an old expression about people having an "AHA" moment. You might say that this is the moment that the lights come on. In today's passage there is a story about a man that had a moment like that. In fact, he was a very powerful person but yet needed that moment. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he shares about this person's experience and how it relates to you as well. When the lights come on is when everything changes for the rest of your life.

"Do You Know Who You Really Are?"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:It takes some people a lifetime to figure out who they really are. Some of them never do figure it out. It shouldn't be that complicated! God wants us to know. In today's passage we read about a man who had such a clear understanding of who he was and what his purpose was. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he studies this man's life. There will be some definite principles learned from this man so any believer can also figure out who they really are. Knowing this will take your Christian walk to a whole new level.

"Can A Person Really Know God?"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today we answer the age old question asked for centuries, "Can a person really know God?" Some people think you can, some people think you can't. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he shows you three ways in today's passage that you can really know God. "Can A Person Really Know God?" The answer is a resounding YES!

In the Beginning Was the Word

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today we start a brand new series in the Gospel of John. This book is a powerful book that contains a lot of the claims that Christ made for Himself. It is the one book recommended for people to read if they want to see who Christ said He was. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he starts with what he considers a most important chapter in the Bible. You will see how truly unique Jesus Christ really is. There is certainly no other one like Him!

Eagles' Nest Wilderness Ranch

Marcia House, Founder


Description:God has a dream and vision for Grand Lake and Grand County in Colorado that is much bigger than ourselves! His vision and dream is to be brought about through the ministry of Eagles' Nest Wilderness Ranch. Please be praying as you view this video as to how God might have you be a part of this ministry.NOTE: Listen to the previous audio to learn more!

Sharing the Vision for ENWR Marcia House/Pastor Johan Knies

Marcia House/Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today we have the special privilege of hearing about a vision that is much bigger than ourselves. God put a vision and dream in the mind and heart of one of His faithful servants, Marcia House. Marcia is a part of Community Church of the Rockies’ family and is here to share the vision God has given her regarding Eagles’ Nest Wilderness Ranch. As you listen, please be praying as to how God might want to use you in fulfilling this dream and huge need in our community and in Grand County. God is still a God of miracles! NOTE: Listen to the next video to learn more!

"Only One Thing To Boast About"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today is our final message in our series on Galatians. What a wonderful little book it has been! So many great topics. Today's passage contains another great topic as well. If you were to boast about anything right now what would it be? Your family? Your kids? Your job? It is going to be different things for different people. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he reveals to us the only thing that is really worth boasting about -- the one thing that matters most.

"The Ultimate Investment Plan"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:God has put in place some very powerful laws in the physical universe that He created. But did you know that there are some spiritual laws that He created that are just as powerful? Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains these things and how you can benefit from them. You could be a part of a wonderful cycle of blessings that will come into your life. Knowing these laws and applying them could be the best investment that you will ever make!

"Am I My Brother's Keeper?"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today we are returning to our series on Galatians. We are down to the last chapter of this wonderful little book. There have been many great topics so far but today's topic is both important and necessary. We will answer the question that Cain asked so long ago-- "Am I my brother's keeper?" How would you answer that? Follow along with Pastor Johan as he addresses this most important question and shows us a life changing ministry that we should all be involved in.

Your Story Isn't Over Yet

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Here we are at the beginning of a new year. How did that time fly? Now we all know what people do at the beginning of a new year right? You got it- new year's resolutions. Well, this morning we are going to approach things differently. Instead of focusing on ourselves and the promises we may or may not keep, we are going to focus on God. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he takes you through some wonderful verses that contain some encouraging promises for us today. I think that you will find this approach to a new year much more meaningful and encouraging than the normal new year's resolutions approach.

The Star: A Journey to Christmas

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today our journey of following the star comes to an end. It has been a wonderful journey and has led us to some beautiful gifts such as hope, love, joy, and peace. But today our journey leads to our final destination and that is Christ Himself. Without Him all those gifts would not have been possible. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he shares about the greatest story ever told. As much as we love a good story, this one is the ultimate one and the one that changed the world and will change us forever.

The Star: A Journey of Peace

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today we come to the last Sunday of our Advent journey. It has been a wonderful journey as we have followed the star. That star for us is Jesus Christ, our light. We have discovered some wonderful truths such as hope, love, joy, and today peace. Now there is an illusive word for you- peace. It seems to be so hard to find. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explores this topic and shows us how we can find peace in this very troubled world. May the Prince of Peace bring you His peace this Christmas season.

The Star: Journey of Joy

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:We have been on a wonderful journey this Advent season. Like the wise men who followed the star, so we are following Christ who is our light. The journey thus far has led us to a wonderful hope, and an amazing love that just gets deeper and deeper. Today our journey leads us to joy. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explores this great topic of joy. Sometimes joy is hard to find as we get overwhelmed with the problems of this world as well as our own personal struggles. Hopefully this message will once again fill your hearts with the joy of the Lord.

The Star: Journey of Love

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today we continue our journey towards Christmas. We are following the star which, for us, is Christ. His light led us to hope last week. This week our topic on this journey is love. Now that is an exciting and deep subject! God's love is unlike anything we have ever known before. It will take a life time to understand it in a small degree. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explores this most amazing subject. May we get a greater understanding of God's incredible love as we celebrate this Christmas season.

The Star: Journey of Hope

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Today we begin our Christmas series or Advent series as some prefer to call it. It seems like every year this series becomes more important. Wh? I believe it is because life gets so crazy busy this time of the year that it is easy to lose our focus. There are Christmas parties, and shopping, and financial stress, and missing those who used to be with us, among other things. Next thing you know Christmas has come and gone and we barely celebrated the true meaning of Christmas -- Christ's coming to this earth as the Messiah, our Savior. Follow along with Pastor Johan as we begin this journey together. Today's journey is about hope. Following the light in a dark world. May this be your best Christmas season ever!

"God's Remedy Against Grumbling"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:People love to compare themselves to others in the world we live in. And if you are not guilty of doing that, then for sure somebody is comparing you to somebody else. It is hard to escape, that is for sure! In today's passage Jesus shares a story where we can definitely see the comparing between different groups. What does comparing lead to? Grumpiness. So what is the remedy against grumbling?Follow along with Pastor Johan as he shares the answer from Matthew chapter 20.

"What Gear Are You In?"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:When we received Christ, we were given a brand new nature. Before that, we only knew the old sinful nature called the flesh. We could only shift into the one gear, so to speak, and that was the gear of the old nature. But with Christ, we now have a choice about which gear we want to be in. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains this whole concept from Galatians chapter 5. This chapter even comes with a bonus. A handy dandy check list so we can see which gear we are in -- the old nature of the flesh or the new nature of the Spirit.

"The Rewards of Persecution"

Voice of the Martyrs


Description:Today's message was to be dedicated to the persecuted church around the world. We wanted to remember them and uphold them in prayer. However, our power went out before the service and did not return until the end of services. No matter! We are presenting instead an inspiring video from the Voice of the Martyrs. Perhaps you will come away with a whole new perspective of how God uses persecution for His purposes!

"The Stumbling Block of the Cross"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:The Bible talks about the cross of Christ as being a stumbling block. Why is that? Follow along with Pastor Johan as he continues the study in Galatians, Chapter 5.

"People of Promise or Bondage"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:I love reading the stories in the Old Testament. They are not only interesting, but God put them there for a reason. We can learn from them and apply the lessons to our lives. In Galatians, Chapter 4, this is exactly what Paul is doing. He goes back to the example of Sarah and Hagar, and Ishmael and Isaac, to teach His lessons to the believers at Galatia. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he gets into this story and how it also applies to our lives today as believers. God has a life of freedom waiting for us!

"Speaking The Truth In Love"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:There is one really good thing about preaching through a particular book of the Bible. It forces you to speak on topics that you may not necessarily want to speak on. Maybe it is a tough topic that you would just as soon avoid. On the other hand, it may be the very topic that God wants His people to hear about. Today's message is like that. To speak the truth in love is not easy and is not always well received. Yet it is so necessary. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he takes you through this passage found in Galatians, Chapter Four. Perhaps God will use this message in your life to be the one who can touch many lives for Christ.

"Getting The Total Picture"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Many Christians don't always get the full picture of what God has done for them. Because of this, they don't live out their Christian life to the fullest. You might say that they are cheating themselves. It is time we received the total picture. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains these truths from Galatians, Chapter 4. A more exciting and full Christian life is waiting for you!

"The Path of Least Resistance"

Pastor Johan Knies


Description:Have you ever been to the ocean and watched the different wind sports in which people participate? There is wind surfing, hang gliding, and the good old kite flying. You will notice that all these sports have something in common. They all work with the wind, and let the wind work in their favor. There is a big similarity here with living out the Christian life. Follow along with Pastor Johan as he explains this and shares with you how you can let the Holy Spirit, like the wind, empower and guide your life as well.